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Tall Fescue Coated Lawn Seed


This is an American Tall Fescue coated lawn seed. The seed coating contains bird repellent, fungicide and a wetting agent to promote germination, inhibit disease and reduce loss due to birds. These seeds are not pasteurised. 

Appearance & Suitable Uses
Dark green thick lawn with wider blades. Suitable for drought and coastal conditions. Has a high disease resistance and good winter colour. It germinates quickly and withstands wear and tear well.

Medium growth rate. Mow at longer length (30 to 50mm) for best​ results (Do not scalp).

Drought tolerance: Very Good | Wear Tolerance: Very Good | Shade Tolerance: Good

Coverage Ratio:
1 kg : 30 m2

Sizes Available:
1 kg, 5 kg

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