Growing you the good life

Growing You the Good Life

Burnet’s is a proudly New Zealand-owned and operated company with a long history in the horticulture industry. Our roots trace back to 1965 when we started out as NZ Grass Nurseries Ltd. For over five decades, we've been supplying specialist lawn seeds to the garden centre market. Starting with a focus on Dichondra, our evolution has been remarkable. We now provide a diverse range of specialist Lawn Mixes tailored for every kind of lawn enthusiast, from the laid-back, backyard owner to the meticulous lawn aficionado. We also offer a wide range of gardening products.

Innovation & Range
Innovation has been our guiding star at Burnet's. We've continually led the charge, introducing pioneering mixes and cutting-edge technology. The introduction of Boston Green in the late 1980s was a watershed moment, ushering Turf Type Ryegrass into the Home Lawn Market, reshaping lawns nationwide. Our products like Green Supreme (Rye/Clover) and Coated Wearwell maintain a stronghold in the New Zealand market, a testament echoed in our enduring sales records.

While our journey began with lawn seeds, we've expanded our offerings to meet evolving market demands. Our portfolio now extends far beyond seeds, encompassing an expansive array of products. From highly effective lawn weed killers and precise lawn pest control solutions to specialized fertilizers catering to lawns, ornamentals, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and beyond—we've got it all covered.

Great Quality – Great Price
At Burnet's, we take immense pride in curating a diverse range of high-quality gardening products that strike the perfect harmony between quality and affordability. Through relentless dedication and thorough research, we've assembled a lineup of products that ensure vibrant, lush lawns and flourishing gardens without compromising on affordability. We firmly believe that premium-quality products should be accessible to all without breaking the bank.