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Burnet's Organic Hormone Rooting Dip


A safe alternative for the propagation of cuttings. It has auxin-like activities known to stimulate callus formation and rooting on soft to hard wood cuttings. It promotes photosynthesis, hormonal activity, respiration and iron uptake. It also contains a safe wetting agent for quick and even penetration, a broad-spectrum antibiotic, which interferes with pathogen cell wall formation, making the pathogens susceptible to chemical fungicides.

Features & Benefits

  • Stimulates rooting of hard and softwood cuttings
  • Protects cuttings from disease and fungus
  • Improves new root nutrient uptake
  • It can be used on all types of plant material and at time of seeding, transplanting or sticking. Can be utilized as a dip, prior to planting or as a time saving drench.

Sizes Available:
50 ml

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